Basic SEO Strategy Overview

These are the lessons we teach to our interns who come to us with an interest in learning how to run an effective SEO business. This process assumes you have zero Internet marketing training and no background in SEO whatsoever.

We have designed this learning system to teach you all of the basic methods you need to understand to eventually create your own income stream from online marketing so that literally ANYONE can unlock the secrets to SEO success and realize the FREEDOM of running their own business.

Module 0: Orientation

In this module, you will be taught the basic principals of getting pages to rank highly in popular searches such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Even if you know nothing about Internet marketing or programming, we will explain in very simple, clear terms, how search engines work to rank websites, and how to use that information to get your products and services on the front page for relevant user searches.

Once you understand these basics, we will start teaching you how to build a network of sites and web properties that will allow you to corner niche markets and ultimately earn sustained revenue in any online market.

Module 1: Aged Domain Audit

In this module you will learn to determine the value of expired and resold domains including whether they have likely been penalized by Google in the past or whether they are hidden treasures that will generate tons of immediate link juice to your marketing network.

Module 2: Building a Money Site

In this module, you will learn to setup a website that converts visitors into cash. This will teach you the basics of setting up and building a website without the need for advanced programming or computer skills. We will even teach you how to outsource this work if you have no interest in learning these skills yourself, though a basic understanding of how websites are created is necessary to understand future lessons in our program. Don't be afraid, we've made this fun, easy to learn, and break down the process into a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.

Module 3: Keyword Research

At the heart of any SEO campaign is a fundamental understanding of precisely which keywords - or search phrases - you want to target. Understanding WHAT people are searching for means understanding the exact terms they are typing into the search engines to find these products and services, and tailoring the content within the sites in your network to these keywords is essential to achieving high rankings in Search Engines.

Module 4: Money Site Content

Using the skills from Module 3, you will now learn how to craft content for your money site that will ensure Google identifies your site with the specific keywords that will bring high-converting traffic to your site. You will learn how to use these keywords to identify related terms that are critical to gaining the confidence of the search engines without overusing or leaving out these important phrases. We will also show you how to setup this content on your money site in such a way that maximizes conversions while demonstrating the relevance of your target keywords to the search engines.

Module 5: Blognet Setup

A blognet is a network of multiple websites that are used to allow Internet marketers to enhance the rankings of their websites through the cumulative effect of building massive amounts of inbound links that point to your money site. Establishing a large blognet is one of the most fundamental weapons in any Internet Marketer's arsenal, and will allow you to quickly rank virtually any money site for target keywords when used properly. However, there are many pitfalls along the road to establishing a valuable network of sites and we will teach you how to avoid wasting tons of time and money in this process, while demonstrating the proper techniques for building out a blognet of your own.

Module 6: Blognet Site and Content Setup with WordPress

Once you have setup an initial number of blognet sites, we will teach you how to populate these sites with meaningful content that will both protect the SEO authority of your individual sites, but also boost the power of your network sites and their ability to rank your money sites within specific niche markets.

Module 7: Blognet Anchor Links

An established blognet is ready to go to work in ranking your money sites and the primary method for leveraging the power of your blognet is to POINT your blognet at your money sites. However, there is a specific method for achieving the maximum 'link juice' from your blognet - which is also important for ensuring your blognet is not discovered by competitors or search engines.

Module 8: Implementing Anchor Text into Links onto your Blognet Sites

Once you've learned about the various types of anchor text you can include in links to your money site, you will now learn HOW to implement those links onto your WordPress site to maximize the link juice they can generate to help boost your money site's search engine rankings.

Module 9: Money Site Rank Tracking

Analyzing the performance of your money sites is an essential part of tracking your performance and learning from your success and failures. We will show you how to track your site rankings and traffic without giving away critical information to the search engines.

Module 10: Money Site Monetization Strategies

Once your money sites are ranking for your target keywords, it's now time to make some money! If you've already got products or services to sell, then this part is rather easy, but if you're not sure of how to monetize your traffic, we'll show you exactly how you can find businesses who will pay you hand-over-fist for your leads and sales.

Module 11: Advanced Blognet Monetization Strategies

Want to leverage your blognet to make money without setting up your own money sites? Yes, that's VERY possible - and we'll show you how your valuable traffic network can be used to generate revenue by selling traffic to customers who run their own websites; or even become an SEO EXPERT yourself and profit from your ability to rank websites for virtually any website in any industry. Literally, the sky is the limit!

Module 12: Blogs, Email Lists, and Newsletters

Module 13: Social Media Marketing